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English Song Contest

Oyunlag School put on an exciting show in our annual “English Song Contest”. The contest was held on the 24th of April for grades 2-3 and the 29th of April for grades 4-12. Celebrating singing allows our learners to participate in English language culture while maintaining productivity. Students learned English pronunciation, popular culture, and memorization skills, and were engaged with competitive spirits. We are proud to announce the winners of the competition as follows:
2nd Grade: 2b teacher Ariunzul,
3rd Grade: 3d teacher Munkhtsetseg,
4th Grade: 4b teacher Zolzaya,
5th Grade: 5a teacher Erdenebolor,
6th Grade: 6c teacher Askhar,
7th Grade: 7d teacher Dashjargal, 7b teacher Uugantuya
8th Grade: 8c teacher Bolor-Erdene,
9th Grade: 9a teacher Punsalmaa,
10th Grade: 10b teacher Tsengel,
11th Grade: 11c teacher Erdenebayar
Congratulations to everyone who achieved the song competition!
The Department of Foreign Languages

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