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The intellectual school was established under the name GEGEEREL with mathematics and foreign language courses by the order of the capital governor dated May 26, 2000 No. 2000/414.
From the time of its establishment until today, it has regularly participated in district, capital, and national Olympiads and competitions, and has been awarded many awards such as "Child Friendly School of the Year", "District School of the Year", and "Capital School of the Year". It is ranked in the top five nationally in the average score of the annual graduate entrance exam, and ranked 3rd in 2019, 3rd in 2018, and 2nd in 2017.
In the 2018-2019 school year, the ninth grade students of the General Education School won the first place in the country in the educational quality assessment test, which included 100% of students.

Oyunlag 1.0 system was created in 2009 in order to introduce the latest achievements of information and communication technology to education and won the "Best School System and Website" award in the same year. Currently, the first independent school in Mongolia, "Oyunlag school", "Oyunlag Student", and "Oyunlag Teacher" applications have been developed and used in teaching as a comprehensive school system that combines electronic and classroom training.

"Singapore Education Innovation" project has been implemented since 2015 in order to localize the internationally recognized standard curriculum of primary and secondary schools in Singapore and create its own school's brand learning technology.

Our school focuses on developing students with scientific knowledge, independent and correct people, and initiates and implements creative educational activities. One of them is the international Second Step program, which, from its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, USA, collaborates with researchers, policy makers and thought leaders around the world to realize the vision of children's flourishing.

CISCO Networking Academy received the official rights in 2017 and started implementing the CISCO training program. As a result, our students who are interested in information technology are studying according to internationally recognized professional programs.

The smart school started implementing the "Smart school innovation" project in 2017 as part of the recommendations and additional research made by international educational research institutes and global teachers' associations. As part of the project, the school's learning environment was modernized and improved in accordance with international standards, and a total of 10 laboratories were established, including the school's internal server, VR laboratory, STEAM, 3D printer laboratory, 2 laboratories with the Macintosh operating system and 1 laboratory with the Windows operating system of the combined information technology system.
In 2019, Bloomberg TV highlighted Oyuunlag School in its "Made in Mongolia" program in appreciation of the reforms made in the educational institution.
Starting from 2020, the "Tablet for Every Student" project was implemented, and students were fully provided with the opportunity to see the theoretical knowledge and experiments of each subject in a virtual environment with the help of programs on the tablet, and evaluate them through experiments.
During the difficult time of the Covid-19 pandemic, Oyuunlag School not only successfully conducted online training without a single hour delay, but in 2020, it was the first time in Mongolia to conduct online training for preparatory classes.

Currently, Oyuunlag School has 1350 students, more than 150 teachers and staff, and is one of the largest schools with modern classrooms and electronic learning materials.