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BZD 18th district, UB city, Mongolia

The public relay reading of the class "Zokhist Utgy Sieg" was successfully completed


The public relay reading competition of the class "Zohist Utgy Chimeg" organized on the occasion of "National Literacy Day" was successfully completed among the students of classes I-XI. I would like to thank the teachers who took part in preparing the students for their sincere efforts to feel the meaning of the words, develop the ability to read fluently. Let's introduce the students who took place in each category of the competition.

In class I-II:
1st class with teacher B. Munhtsetseg, FIRST building
Class 1c with teacher Ch. Darzav, SUB building
GUTGAAR building, 2b class with teacher G. Zolzaya

For classes III-V:
3b class with teacher J. Otgonjargal, FIRST building
5th grade with teacher L. Erdenebolor, SUB building
5th grade with teacher O. Odonchimeg, GUTGAAR building

For classes VI-VIII:
Grade 7b with teacher E. Delgertsetseg, FIRST building
G. Ulziittogtoh, teacher O. Dashnyam, 6th grade SUB building
Class 8a with teacher J. Pagam, GUTGAAR building

For class IX-XI:
Class 9a with teacher H. Chimedlham, FIRST building
Class 11a with teacher N. Altanchimeg, SUB building
9th grade with teacher I. Erdenebayar, GUTGAAR building

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