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In the AMO (American Mathematics Olympiad) held in October 2019, children from 12 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and China, who are interested in mathematics from grades II-IX successfully completed.

In the next stage, the students who won medals in this Olympiad will be eligible to participate in SIMOS, STEAM, AHEAD (International Junior Mathematical Olympiad), IJMO and SIMOS Olympiads, where they will compete with children from many other countries and choose the winners.

At this AMO Olympiad, 22 students of the "Oyuunlag" school in V-IX grade categories won the following prizes for solving mathematical problems given in English. It includes:

Class Code Surname Name Reward Place
5 9760000412 Ganzorig Naranzun Gold I
5 9760000414 Check it out Clear Gold I
5 9760000415 Degjinlkhundev Crystal-Uyanga Money II
5 9760000413 Batnaran Aspire Money II
5 9760000416 Philosophy Michidmaa Bronze III


Class Code Surname Name Reward Place
6 9760000454 Venus Hangerel Gold I
6 9760000455 Ganzorig Sir Gold I
6 9760000456 Crystal Gentle Gold I
6 9760000457 Bulgankhu Easy Gold I
6 9760000453 In full Murbat Confirmation


Class Code Surname Name Reward Place
7 9760000497 Olonbayar Nomu-Dragon Money II
7 9760000496 Wednesday Ulziybayar Meeting III
7 9760000494 Molomjamts Bat-Orgil Confirmation
7 9760000495 Sunday Friday Confirmation


Class Code Surname Name Reward Place
8 9760000576 Munkhbaatar Humorous Money II
8 9760000578 Enlightenment Nine-of-Diamonds Money II
8 9760000577 Bayanbat Chingun Confirmation


Class Code Surname Name Reward Place
9 9760000602 Amgalanbaatar Lead Money II
9 9760000604 Erdenebat Enkh-Ochir Money II
9 9760000603 Nasanjhargal Myanganmedmed Bronze
9 9760000605 Otgonbaatar Sunderya Confirmation
9 9760000606 Batnaran Michidmaa Confirmation


Our reporter interviewed the director of the school, D. Batsaikhan, about the policy of the "Oyunlag" school to successfully participate in the international mathematics Olympiad.

Director of the school D. Batsaikhan: Because we focus on studying important concepts and knowledge in the field of mathematics, recognizing the important concepts of problem-solving methods, creating the beauty and satisfaction of mathematics in our students, and instilling in our children the high-order creative abilities of mathematics, it is comparable to developed countries in terms of education. , we include it to see the mistakes. In this way, our educational policy and vision will go in the right direction, our teachers will learn the methodology, and our children will be satisfied and feel the taste of mathematics.

Congratulations to the students who successfully participated and won awards and to the teachers who successfully prepared their students.

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