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BZD 18th district, UB city, Mongolia

A detailed report of the genetic testing trial is now available


A detailed report of the genetic results of students of grades I-VIII, a brief genetic report of students of grades IX-XI, and a study of career choice were completed in cooperation with GENETIC TEST MONGOLIA. Also, the AUB has put together a brief report of all the classes involved in the study, so the materials of each child are being handed over to the parents from today. So get and read each child's report. Detailed information about the study will be reported in groups of each class for 14 days, so it is provided as a recommendation about many indicators of your child's natural potential, career choice, behavior, intellectual ability, temperament, etc. For more information on genetic test results reports, please visit .
We would like to express our gratitude to all the parents who always support our work by getting intelligent and truthful information about their children.

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