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Сүүлд нэмэгдсэн мэдээ
Хамгийн их сэтгэгдэлтэй мэдээ



In this academic year, the new composition of the school's board of directors was created through the election of all the students of the school.

Students' own management is a representative organization of students based on their own leadership, which is based on the principles of self-management, aimed at protecting their interests, improving their educational opportunities, organizing activities that meet their interests and demands, and supporting the process of socialization of students. is.

The members of the Board of Directors: 12th grade student J. Hulan as the head of the Board of Directors

                                              To members: 12a B. First-Encounter
                                                                12b Ch. Behbat
                                                                12b O. Uyanga
                                                                12b O. Iron-Diamond
                                                                11a T. Haliun
                                                                11b B. Culture
                                                                11b B. Gerelthuslen
                                                                11b U. Enkhtor
                                                                10b M. Nomin-Erdene
                                                                10a B. Poppy
                                                                8a B. Khongorzul
                                                                8b U. Enkhbileg
                                                                8c M. Chinhusel
                                                                8c S. Hulan was elected.

The council presents a basic set of ideas for its work to you, students, parents, teachers and educators. It includes:

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For students:

We will launch a creative campaign to introduce and promote students who are role models for others in terms of learning, upbringing, talent, friendly helpfulness, and so on.

Appropriate organizations will work with individuals to discuss issues that concern schools and students.

We will conduct a survey of students' interest and demand, and create a creative program aimed at it, and organize many great events.

    For your school:

Participates in the evaluation and evaluation of promoting and intensifying the process of promotion and promotion of the campaign for polite and correct communication and the book friend campaign.

In our learning environment, we will implement the program campaign "Let's organize well, clean well, clean up well, have good discipline and order, and have good habits".

The main program was presented to establish and operate a micro-studio to prepare information about the events that took place in the school environment and distribute it to others.


D. Batsaikhan, director of Oyuunlag School, congratulated the members of the Board of Directors.

I wish you success in your work as a representative of all the students of Oounlag School. It is not easy to wait for the trust and hope of others, but success is close if you truly work hard for it. Therefore, the school administration will support every work you initiate. For your information. We will solve the problem of professional cameras and photo apparatuses for the studio and the room for the activities in the near future.

    In order to get ideas for your work, organizing a traditional meeting of school graduates, career counseling meetings, planting flowers and trees, river basin cleaning days, developing environmental protection projects, awarding prizes, running a counseling information center, It seems appropriate to reflect the creative activities addressed to each child, such as debates with students from other schools, sports events, meetings, organizing trips and excursions, supporting others by collecting funds, supporting the talents of individual students, welcoming new students and introducing them to the internal rules of the school. .

    Today's school is becoming the leader of the community, the children who have created this good reputation for themselves, we wish you to be proud of your creations and set a positive example for others.

Thank you.

Сэтгэгдэл үлдээх