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"A GOOD HUSBAND OF BOOKS" campaign continues

Within the framework of the "Reading Support Program"-2021 project, the campaign "GOOD HUSBAND OF BOOKS" continues in the 2019-2020 school year, which aims to raise awareness of the value and importance of friendship with books, and to improve the ability of students to read, compose, and draw. The main goal of this campaign is for students of grades II-XI of "Oyunlag" school to do creative reading in the library according to the schedule, write what they have read in a book notebook, speak eloquently with the words of the text, speak, write, read, listen, and analyze the original text. .
Primary education teachers and MCHZ teachers have prepared a list of "Mandatory Reading" for each class. It was really wonderful that he said that the best time is "Reading time", which every student looks forward to.


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