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"Entertainment relay-2013" 1-2 episodes

The 5th edition of the "HOKJOOENT BUUHIA-2013" competition organized for the purpose of proper physical development of children has ended. This year's competition:

Class 1a – "FRESH KIDS" team 

1b class – "BUJIN" team 

1st class – "OD" team 

1st grade – "TIME" team 

Class 2a – Team "AHVALJ". 

2b class – "EAGLE" team 

Class 2c - "BUTTERFLY" teams test their speed and dexterity with each other.

The first place was won by "SERGELEN JHAALUD" of class 1a.

            The teams of 2c grade "ERVEEHEI" won respectively.

Thank you to the athletes who actively participated in the competition. 

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