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The graduation ceremony of the 2012-2013 academic year "Silver Bell Festival" was held on May 18, 2013, full of happiness, laughter, joy and great success. Every year, our school selects the "Best Graduates" as a tradition. Therefore, it was a successful year when a total of 15 students were selected as the "BEST STUDENT" of this school year. Also, our school's talented little dance group "Tsetseghen", 5th grade student Muren, Dijital group singer Erka, and singer Akbota, who is one of the top 25 participants of the Universe Best Songs competition organized by UBS TV, came and greeted all the graduates at the bell ceremony. It was a festival filled with songs and dances.



Happy Silver Bells Day to all the intelligent students who are the 3rd generation graduates of the 2012-2013 academic year of OYUNLAG Secondary School.

To the teachers and educators who selflessly devote all their talent and ingenuity to the cause of academic education for their children, and to all of you parents who have come here, who are always concerned about their children, the Silver Bell Festival is a memorable moment of their school days. Warm greetings.

White laughter that lit up the intellectual school

The last lesson of the memories of classmates

Flowers filled with faith

Lessons from Achit teachers

The joy and sadness of friends who have become accustomed to each other

The last jingle of bells rang out

Every moment is a golden moment of your GRADUATION SILVER BELL CELEBRATION. This period will remain in my mind as a holy memory of my school days. Celebrate your silver bells with style.

The memorable moment of the last lesson with the ringing of bells. Welcome to your noisy classroom of friends who have been friends for 10 years?

3rd graduation – 11th grade with teacher Tserenchunt

Class 9a with teacher Dorjpalam

Grade 9b with teacher Pagamsuren

Singer Akbota /one of the top 25 participants of the Universe Best Songs competition/

Erka, singer of Dijital group

Memory Lesson 11a – Teacher S. Ulaankhu

Memory lesson – 9b grade – Teacher G. Ganjargal

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