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BZD 18th district, UB city, Mongolia



Of the teachers who generously loved their academic endowment

Mothers and fathers who encouraged their children

Of the students who studied hard in their academic books

"Festival of Words"-"New Year" was really good.

      It seems like a long time ago when almost six-year-olds who never left their parents' arms became students, remembering their kindergarten games. But today, they are really used to their class, school, friends, and teacher. On this day, they introduced their learning to read, write, think, draw, sing and play music to their parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, teachers and friends.

We can't help but be proud of our little first grade students who overcame the difficult task of reading and writing in a short period of time with their own efforts. Within a few months, he learned the phonetics of his native language, read correctly and meaningfully, wrote neatly and diligently, and successfully learned the basics of adding, subtracting, and counting. A beautiful performance was performed, combining all the luxury of rhythmic music, singing, and poetry.

As part of this event, the teachers of the 1st grade class held a "Creation Exhibition" for each child. Our little first grade students who learned to read, write and draw in their mother tongue were cheering me on with words of encouragement: "My son and daughter have learned a lot." Also, our art teacher B. Sandui held an exhibition with the works of students who expressed the wonder of color and composition, which was another proud and memorable moment of this holiday.

In the selection of the best student this time, it is special that they are evaluated from many aspects, such as the ability to communicate politely and politely with peers, respect others, be a role model for others, help and support their friends, and have good study methods.

We present to you the "Best Students" of the 2019-2020 academic year.


1st grade student: A. Enkh-Ujin 2019 "Top student" certificate, "INTELLECTUAL STUDENT" bronze medal

1st grade student: B. Purevbat "Top student" certificate of 2019, "INTELLECTUAL STUDENT" bronze medal

Student of 1b grade: A. Gegee "Top student" certificate of 2019, "INTELLECTUAL STUDENT"-bronze medal

Student of 1b grade: O. Amar 2019 "Top student" certificate, "INTELLECTUAL STUDENT"-bronze medal


1st grade student: Y. Temul, 2019 "Top student" certificate, "INTELLECTUAL STUDENT" bronze medal

1st grade student: T. Odbayar 2019 "Top student" certificate, "INTELLECTUAL STUDENT" bronze medal

1st grade student: I. Engoon 2019 "Top student" certificate, "INTELLECTUAL STUDENT" bronze medal

1st grade student: H. Gegun was awarded the "Top Student" certificate and the "INTELLECTUAL STUDENT" bronze medal of 2019, respectively.

I wish the little students who won the first medal every success in their studies. Let's pray that many more students will win the medal named after "OYUNLAG" school in the future.



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