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On the occasion of the World Teachers' Day and the 52nd anniversary of Mongolian teachers, the high school students of "Oyuunlag" secondary school successfully organized the "Student's Day" event. The purpose of this activity was to strengthen the struggle of teachers and students and to make them feel the value of professional work of teachers.

On this day, the students of grades 1-9 expressed their gratitude to their teachers, and the students of grades 10 and 12, selected according to their talents and interests, taught a total of 30 groups of elementary and middle grades and generously shared their knowledge.

From entering the school door to greeting others, treating others with respect, airing the classroom, receiving students, keeping order during recess, bringing them to lunch, creating a comfortable environment in the classroom, after the end of the main school hours, including rehearsals and selective clubs, correcting notebooks , as well as the attention of the teachers who led the class during the distribution of the teaching and upbringing work, it was the most remarkable thing that the students personally experienced that it is a hard work that requires a lot of effort and dedication in a day's work.


The laughter of our dear little students overflowed in the academic hall, and the words of gratitude of our teachers overflowed, and we eagerly awaited the coming year. .

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