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Science day

Natural sciences are rich and important subjects that develop logical thinking and analytical skills. The "Science day" competition, which was organized to study these important subjects with interest and develop scientific methods, was successfully completed among the 6th-9th grades of Oyuunlag School. The competition was held in two main parts: quiz and science theory and policy question and answer.
The winners were selected based on how well the teams worked together, how they performed experiments, how they answered technical questions, and how well they answered science questions. It includes:
6th grade class with teacher Tserenpil
7th grade with Khandarmaa as a teacher
In the 8th grade, class 8a with Suvddar as a teacher
In the 9th grade category, the 9th grade with teacher Oyun-Erdene became the owners of the COM, taking the first place. Congratulations to the class for their successful participation.

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