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BZD 18th district, UB city, Mongolia


A golden moment of fear
Open the first page and sneer
Santa Claus with Snow Maidens
Fairy New Year has arrived.
Today, the children of "Oyunlag" school celebrated their "New Year's Day" with songs and music, dancing and dancing to the lively music.
Laugh until the roses bloom in your dreams
Laugh until the sun rises in your heart
Laugh until you're out of your mind
All good laughs
Light up the world
Our celebration included dances by the students of the dance club, melodious songs, entertaining songs by the live band, greetings by the students of the 12th grade, dance performances by talented teachers, Father Winter and the snow girls who led their peers with their learning, success and skills. "classes" have been selected. Introducing this year's best episodes:
2nd class "Best class" with teacher B. Menkhtsek, transfer trophy
3b class "Best class" with teacher G. Zolzaya, transfer trophy
Class 4a "Best class" with teacher L. Erdenebolor, transfer cup
5th class "Best class" with teacher B. Tsendkhu, transfer trophy
A. Dashjargal, T. Erdenetseg, 6th class "Best class", transfer trophy
Grade 7b "Best class" with teacher J. Myagmarsuren, transfer trophy
8b class "Best class" with teacher E. Delgertsetseg, transfer trophy
9th grade "Best class" with teacher G. Dambaragchaa, transfer trophy
Class 10a "Best class" with teacher H. Chimedlham, transfer trophy
Grade 11b "Best class" with teacher J. Tsagaanchuluun, transfer trophy
Class 12a "Best class" with teacher N. Altanchimeg, transfer trophy
This award was a valuable award that ignited the passion and enthusiasm for learning in the class and every child. May you children be rich in what you have learned, full of confidence, full of smiles in your eyes, and overflowing with love in your heart. Also, I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers who organized the New Year celebration.
Happy New Year to you all
Happy Holidays.

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