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Success in the Olympiads

In the English language Olympiad named after the Indo-Mongolian joint school, 9th grade student H. Khangal took the 3rd place and won a bronze medal, while in the 33rd school chemistry Olympiad, 8th grade student B. Uyanga also won a bronze medal. In addition, 20 students of the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades participated in the "Great Challenge" physics Olympiad named after the 1st school, 18 of them were among the first 30 students, and the 7th grade student N. Erhes won the prize. I wish the above students and their teachers great success in their work.

In the 7th-8th grade category, IQ Olympiad won prizes

3rd place in Chemistry Olympiad

Students who succeeded in the 2nd-3rd grade IQ Olympiad

Won a bronze medal at the English Olympiad.

I wish all the students who successfully participated great academic success.

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